Using our IDVKey API, you will be able to easily integrate IDVKey’s capabilities with your website and services (even offline services like for example authenticating a user over the phone).

In order to integrate with IDVKey, we provide a REST API, as well as various Software Development Kits (SDK) that will allow you to very easily use those APIs.

We currently provide SDKs for the following platforms/applications:

More SDKs will be implemented in the future based on demand, feel free to add a request in the issue tracker for your favorite platform/application, as we’ll use that in order to prioritise new SDKs implementations.

Alternatively should you wish to implement your own REST integration, you’ll find documentation and specs in the API section

The following operations are currently provided in the API

Operation Overview Linking required Default Timeout
Authentication Authenticate a user (automatically links him if required) 5 mins
Approval Request a user to approve something 5 mins
Link User Request a user to approve linking to your service (this is generally not needed unless you wish to use IDVKey without user authentication) 5 mins

See Using IDVKey APIs for more details on those API operations